What is a comic book pull list?

A Pull List is a list of comic books that are set aside each week for you at your local comic book store. This eliminates the risk is that the comic book will be sold out when you arrive. Each store has its own policy regarding pull lists and different methods for its customers. Keep reading to find out more about Watchtower Heroes Comics’ free Subscription Pull List Club.

Pull List Perks


Subscribers receive 10% off of 10-19 titles and 15% off of 20+ titles on the cover price.


Exclusive comic events, promotions, and free swag are offered to subscribers.

NEW! Online Account

Subscribers can view subscription orders in advance, pay online, and receive email reminders and offers.

Subscription Pull Box

Comics are held in designated boxes for in-store pick-up.

Mail Delivery

Issues can be sent weekly or monthly.


Subscribers can set up credit card payments for the order or release date. Discounts provided.

How to start a pull list.

New Subscribers

Click subscribe now and add the subscription club to your cart. Once ordered, you will be contacted via email when the account is ready to add subscriptions. In-person verification is required unless payment is set up online.

Current Subscribers

Provide an email address for your pull box records in-store or click subscribe now and ‘purchase’ the free subscription to start your online account. You will receive an email once subscription titles are updated.