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Did you recently find comic books? Did you inherit comic books that you want to sell? Do you have an old collection sitting in your garage you are looking to sell? Do you wish to make some extra cash?

Watchtower Heroes Comics generally looks for vintage comics from 1970 and earlier. We also buy the mid-1980s to present-day comics, comic art, and other comic-related collectibles!

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We will only evaluate collections that are for sale. Please take into consideration that although we do buy many different types of comics, it’s possible that we may not be in the market for your specific items. We do not provide “appraisal fo” collections for insurance or legal purposes.

Even among the items we typically buy, if your collection size/value is too small to justify the travel or shipping expenses, we may be unable to consider it for purchase. We will do our best to respond to everyone and provide some guidance if we’re not interested in your items.

In-Store & Off-Site Availability

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Call all ahead during business hours for larger collections.

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